India is a country as we see is a large economy with Stable and Sustained Growth. The focus on investments are growing among Institutions (Foreign and Domestic) and Retail segment. The knowledge still on stock markets has to reach to respectable levels.

To Strengthen knowledge of Equity Market and Trading discipline has been our Objective. Having an experience of 4 years in Market Operations, Trading Patterns, Technical Cycles of Equities, we have developed enough strength to embark on the Objective.

An Institute has been started to train people on Share market to develop confidence among Trading Community and Investment Psychology

Ekshingesharemarket.com recognizes that the lack of financial literacy is a serious impediment to the economic growth of India. Hence, we have made it our mission to spread financial literacy in multiple ways. Anyone can learn this basic life skill from us, and evolve into a financially aware individual

Ekshinge share Market Institute has been started by Akshay A. Ekshinge who has done his PGDM as well NCFM ,NISM Certifications and Professional Experience of more than 4 year in Stock Market.

We provide Best Training Services, Class Room Facilities,Practical knowledge in stock market.

Flexible Class Timings

Our experts help you 24/7 with any share market questions or problems. We provide flexible training timings. You can choose practical sessions to suit your schedule.


To expand brand all over the country within 5 years by setting up branches and franchise at different locations to provide financial literacy to every individual in India.


To ensure 100% proper utilization of dead assets through financial literacy with strategic use of financial planning and asset allocation. We are committed to move India as leading country as an economic and financial super power in the whole world.

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